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For those interested in assisting to spread our message we encourage you to download and share as far and wide as possible, even printing these documents and giving them to your local authorities, police, counsellors, shop owners and hospitals/clinics. Look at the Cease and Desist Orders and please feel free to do the same. 

Dated 12 May 2021
NB: This ordinance was sent out worldwide to all relevant governments and authorities worldwide on 13 May 2021

ORDINANCE No IRM 8266 ADIR02 SCM28 WAC77 NWA0001 12052021

ORDER dated 13 May 2021
Sent out to all world governing bodies, relevant parties and Institutions
together with Ordinance dated 12 May 2021

ORDER pertaining to IRM 8266 ADIR02 SCM28 WAC77 NWA0001 12052021
A5 short form of above. We send this to you currently when you apply for your Diplomatic card to print off and carry with you along with your Certificate. It has all the main points of the Ordinance and Order showing what you are covered for as Peace Ambassador and what the consequences are for anyone violating your protection and rights. 
A5 Concise Ordinance NWA0001