Important update 20/06/2022: Diplomatic Card Holders – you can now be registered in the Vaccine Control Group which will give you additional exemption to accompany your immunity card – “Vaccine Control Group Verified Participant’. As there is an administrative task there is a small fee to for your name to be added to this register. 

Also, in May we filed a new Ordinance with the ICC in The Hague. These updates provide you with the same level of immunity from new directives via governments / the WHO regarding Monkeypox / similar. NOTE – The Cease and Desist and Ordinance is now a combined document. Available for download here:  UPDATED C&D/ORDINANCE 05/2022 

“I just travelled to Turkey and was stopped many times and challenged to wear a mask in the airport. I stated that I have lawful exemption, showing my immunity card. Most of the time this would suffice but there at times some demanded I follow their protocols. I stood my ground and let them know that I would happily take the offer of a mask but in exchange would have to take their names and details to fill in for the charge sheet for later prosecution via the ICC. As soon as I made them aware of this I was left alone and was no longer harassed.

I travelled without a mask and without taking a lateral flow test too!

Richard, UK

Background on legitimacy

Please read this document to understand what gives this honourable diplomatic status legal standing and legitimacy.

Scroll down for application instructions and pricing information. 

This is an example of the card you will receive

Application Instructions

To apply for Honourable Diplomatic Immunity, send an email to

Be advised: The team working on these passes do so on a voluntary basis and our turnaround times are a minimum of 5 working days. Please be patient.

With the following details:

  • Given (First and middle) names (please type it exactly how you would like it displayed including CAPS)
  • Family name (Surname) – please place on a second line (please type it exactly how you would like it displayed including CAPS)
  • Date of birth YYYYMMDD
  • Country of birth
  • Country of residence
Please note: There is a charge for requested changes to the formatting of immunity passes, so please ensure your details are sent exactly the way you would prefer them to be displayed. 

Additional requirements:

  1. A passport sized head & shoulders picture must accompany each application.
  2. Proof of payment including the ref: DI and your full name

NOTE: Upon receipt of your card, please do not post it on social media or send any copies to anyone, as they could copy or forge your QR Codes.

Pricing and payment instructions


Applications must be accompanied with proof of payment. Please pay the fee applicable with your region and send proof of payment with your application email.

South Africa: R450 (Concession pricing for ZAR based clients only) 
Europe: €35 
US: $45

Please use the following as a reference: DI and your full name

Should you wish to be registered in our official ‘Vaccine Control Group’, please pay an additional R100 / €8 / $10. We will use the details of your card to have your name added to the register.

We recommend using WISE for international payments: use this link if you do not have a WISE account yet:

Account Holder: V A Leigh
Bank Name: FNB – Savings account
Account Number: 62915483820
Address: Fourways Mall, Cnr Cedar and, Witkoppen Rd, Fourways, Sandton, 2055

Please contact us if you would prefer to use digital currency.

Processing times are a minimum of 5 working days. Please ensure your application is made well in advance to accommodate this as our team works on a voluntary basis.