Testimonials from around the world

“I just travelled to Turkey and was stopped many times and challenged to wear a mask in the airport. I stated that I have lawful exemption, showing my immunity card. Most of the time this would suffice but there at times some demanded I follow their protocols. I stood my ground and let them know that I would happily take the offer of a mask but in exchange would have to take their names and details to fill in for the charge sheet for later prosecution via the ICC. As soon as I made them aware of this I was left alone and was no longer harassed. I travelled without a mask and without taking a lateral flow test too!
Richard, UK

“I would like to say a big thank you for your service to humanity and our current crises. Without you, many of us would be trapped in tyranny and a negative mindset. You have given me a new lease on life in regards to travel. With your help I can now stay true to myself and hold my head up high., rather than playing along with their unjust narrative just to be able to do what is my natural right as a human being.”
Sean, UK

“Thank you again for the work you do. This is a great service and a very helpful support in our efforts to stay calm and kind towards others while not participating in this global hypnosis (or whatever it is).”
R. Christen, Switzerland

“Thank you so much! Our lives gained so much Support by owning this card and standing up for our rights. So beautiful what happens in these little encounters in this crazy world.”
E. De Stefano, Switzerland

“I am delighted to confirm that I travelled from Bristol UK via Madrid Spain, to Cancun Mexico without ever putting on a mask and with very little hassle.”
J. Brooks, UK

You are such a blessings in our lives at the moment with everything that is going on. Your help has given us peace of mind against all the evil that they want to force on us.”
M. Lotter, Swaziland