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Sir Larry Marvin Swart holds leadership roles in many organisations where the primary objective is to form effective opposition to The New World Order.

He is the Chairman of the New World Alliances and Executive Director and Advisor to the World Peace Command in Europe.

Sir Larry is one of the world’s most integrated authorities on the socio-political influences governing the lives of people globally today. 

Outside his current portfolio, he represents the people in the following capacities:

  • The 4th of 6 members of the Global Government over Africa
  • A Senator within the Sonatus Consultum and Senior Advisor of the Chairman of the Board, the biggest global think tank that includes the Council of Foreign Relations and other Committees
  • Director at the International Parliament within the Intelligence Division
  • Minister within the Economics Division at the International Parliament, in relation to the European Council, European Commission and the European Parliament under the European Union
  • Senior Operations Director to the Southern Command ZA Division
  • Senior Advisor to various countries with the Global War Advisory Council
  • Executive Director at the African Directorate, a division that monitors and advises the African Union on International Relations
  • Senior Advisor to various countries within the International Risk Management


Sir Larry is a Director at the Committee of 21, giving him unique insider status within the Council of 13 and most Global Committees and Clubs / Councils. This position gains Sir Larry the ultimate authority in understanding the agendas of those rolling out the New World Order.