New World Alliances

Bio: Sir Larry M Swart

  • Executive Director and Advisor to the World Peace Command in Europe
  • Chairman at the New World Alliances, the right opposition to the New World Order
  • Global Government over Africa (4/6)
  • senator within the Sonatus Consultum and Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Board, the biggest global Think Tank, that includes the Council of Foreign Relations and other Committees
  • Director at the International Parliament within the Intelligence Division
  • Minister within the Economics Division at the International Parliament, in relation to the European Council, European Commission and the European Parliament under the European Union
  • Senior Operations Director of the Southern Command ZA Division
  • Senior Advisor to various countries with the Global War Advisory Council
  • Executive Director at the African Directorate, a division that monitors and advises the African Union on International Relations
  • Senior Advisor to various countries within the International Risk Management
  • Director at the Committee of 21 (insider within the Council of 13 and most Global Committees and Clubs/Councils